Thai culinary art cooking school

      The cooking school is set up out of town in a relaxed atmosphere amidst lush garden surround by nature and a beautiful environment. The school has high standard and is organize properly.
      For those who are interest we offer 1 day of cooking classes. Classes start at 10.00 am. and last until 15.30 pm.

  • Lesson Plan Course

    Introduction to Thai vegetable, herbs, spices, and ingredients by tour to local market

              Morning session :                                                                          Afternoon session:

    1.Making Green Curry Paste                                                       8.Steamed whole Pumpkin with coconut custard
    2.Cook your own jasmine rice                                                     9.Learn to carve, and garnish   
    3.Green Curry Chicken                                                              10.Thai spring roll    
    4.Stir fried Chicken with Cashew nut                                        11. Fried noodle Thai style (Phat Thai)  
    5.Fish SoufflĂ© (steamed curry fish in banana leaf cup)      
    6.Thai style fish cake                                                                        
    7.Spicy & Sour Lemongrass Soup with Shrimp.(Tom Yum)

                                                                                1,000 THB / Person 

                                                                    BOOKING WITH US NOW!!
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    Note: All meat, vegetables, herbs and ingredients have been chopped up, well prepared and ready for cooking. You learn to cook and balance your own flavor according to authentic Thai taste.